How does DuroKleen WORK?

Durokleen forms a potent antimicrobial layer on surfaces you treat, electrostatically binding at a molecular level to form a stable, long-lasting barrier. The outside layers of microbial cells are made up of net negatively-charged lipid (fatty) molecules. The positively charged lipophilic tails of molecules that form the Durokleen coating destroy offending microbes by fatally interacting both physically and chemically with the outer layers of the microbial cells.

Anti-COVID-19 barrier lasts for up to 100 days
DuroKleen will not leach, cannot be absorbed, cannot be rubbed off nor washed off under normal conditions of cleaning. There is no dislodgeable residue and no migration or diffusion of the molecule can occur
Major Airlines, Hospitals, and Corporates trust us

Virgin Airlines, Shell Oil and Ride-share, announced a partnership to bring consumers a COVID-19 disinfectant that lasts for up to 90 days without use of toxic chemicals.

What to expect from Durokleen?

Durokleen works in a completely different way to chemical disinfectants such as bleach and alcohol. It is a patented, safe-to-use, water-based solution that is easily applied by soaking or spraying onto a wide range of hard and soft surfaces. Once applied, it forms a long-lasting antimicrobial barrier that actively destroys and prevents the spread of a wide range of moulds, mildew, fungus, algae, bacteria, viruses — even pathogenic bacteria such as MRSA and Golden Staph. This provides continuous antimicrobial protection for up to 90 days.

The world’s most advanced surface protection against harmful bacteria, odours and mould
When applied it forms an invisible barrier bonded to the surface. This barrier interrupts the organism’s delicate cell membrane destroying the microbe on contact. This barrier will provide continuous, long term protection from mould and bacteria until it is occluded by soiling or abraded from the surface.
Considered NON-HAZARDOUS by the 2012 OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
Certified by SMI (Scientific Material International -USA ) to Boeing’s standard (D6-7127 Rev P) – Cleaning interiors of commercial transport aircraft.

How to apply Durokleen?

Durokleen works by forming a powerful, long-lasting antimicrobial barrier on the treated surfaces. It may be applied to both hard and soft materials (such as leather or fabric) by spraying, misting, soaking or simply wiping on with a cloth


1. Clean surface before applying if possible

Especially when treating a visible area, begin by first cleaning and, as far as practicable, drying the surface you wish to protect

2. Soak, Mist, or even Wipe

Apply Durokleen evenly over the entire surface you wish to protect, by spraying, soaking, misting or wiping.

3. Allow the surface time to dry

Allow the treated surface to dry by exposure to the air, or by applying moderate heat

4. Finished Work

Your soft or hard surface is now covered with thin layer of Durokleen